Buying a Home

Buying a home is not only a big financial commitment but it is also an emotional one. Remember that there is no “right” time to buy a home any more than there is a “right” time to sell. If you find a home now, don’t try to second-guess the interest rates or the housing market by waiting. Changes in the market don’t usually occur fast enough to make a difference in price and a well-priced home won’t stay on the market long, even in a buyer’s market. Choose a home first because you love it and what it has to offer and then think about appreciation.

Margaret Biegelman believes that buyers should have enough information and have a good understanding of the buying process in order to make the best real estate decision for them.

Who Does The Realtor Work For?

In most real estate transactions, the realtor represents the seller. Most buyers who go out and see homes with a realtor think that particular agent is working for them. Unless a buyer enters into a contract with the realtor as their exclusive buyer’s agent and becomes a Buyer Client, the realtor’s fidicuary responsibility is to the seller. As a Buyer Client, the agent must provide the same level of representation offered to a seller.

Buyers need to be aware that seller’s agents need to protect the sellers interest at all times. Realtors owe buyers honesty and fairness as a Buyer Customer and do need to advise them of any known material facts or defects about the property but cannot share any confidential information about the seller, ex-motivation, if any for selling quickly. Since Realtors are employed by the seller, they are obligated to let the listing agent know any information about the buyer or their offer that would be beneficial for the seller to know. Ex. The buyer’s is putting offers on multiple homes.

Margaret Biegelman acquired her Certified Buyer Representative designation a number of years ago to serve the needs of buyers looking for their own representation. Her consulting approach helps her to clearly understand the buyers’ needs and desires. Margaret’s primary job is to help buyers uncover their desires and needs for their next home and guide them to the achievement of that goal based on current market conditions, their financial capacity and short and long-term value.


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