Common First-time Homebuyer Mistakes

  • 1. Not getting pre-approved before beginning their home search.
  • 2. Not making an offer quick enough, thinking they have time and lose out to another buyer.
  • 3. Not working with the right real estate professional to help them find their perfect home.
  • 4. Thinking that the agent they are working with is representing them – not understading agency.
  • 5. Not having an offer and terms that are attractive enough to a seller.
  • 6. Not thinking about resale before they buy.
  • 7. Thinking they have to see 50 homes before making an offer because a better deal might come along.
  • 8. Thinking they should make a low initial offer so they have room to negotiate.
  • 9. Not realizing that if a home is priced right, it will sell at or close to asking.
  • 10. Not thinking long-term and future needs.
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